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Merry Christmas, it’s December so I can say that now without sounding like a creepazoid.

A short post on the Christmas function that I attended on Monday night! Hugh’s rugby team didn’t mess around and held their Soirée de Noël on December the first. That’s right, not a Christmas Party, a Soirée de Noël! Because Soirée is fancy, and French. What really had me leaping around the house in excitement and in my socks (which is dangerous with floorboards) was the location – the Hôtel de Ville – cue harps, angels and glitter. I was concerned about what to wear and I am proud to announce that I revisited a Oncer. A Oncer I hear you say? What the hang is that? Good question. A Oncer is a dress that you’ve worn once, at a stretch twice, to a wedding or the races or a Christmas party and have thus far failed to wear again. As someone with a few Oncers I’ve even began to identify a Oncer at the time of buying it. I weigh up the CPW (cost per wear) one time divided by some ridiculous amount. I usually buy it regardless. Someone with a lot of Oncers could be seen as materialistic, dress obsessed and also vain, but I challenge you to see it in the broader sense. Maybe a Oncer is just an emotional and nostalgic gal, one who no longer sees a dress but memories. Respectfully she retires her dress after one incredible eventful outing so as not to damage the happiness she felt wearing it. Ok yeah, whatevs, you saw right through it. Oncers are for ‘fash crazy babes’. ANYWAY the point is that I wore a dress and shoes I already owned and managed to get ready in around 40mins. BD (big deal) I’m maturing guys?!?!

The soirée was the most fabulous event I have been too besides my friend Prue’s wedding. The table setting included three knives THREE FORKS and a spoon. Take a while to let that sink in. Three forks my friends, and a spoon! By my quick calculations dessert was going to be all time. And it was. And I ate three pieces of cake. Go on judge me..

We sat next to Hugh’s teammate and his girlfriend, the ones who threw the delightful apartment warming from a previous post. Together we had a lengthy discussion about fromage, a new PB actually, usually people stop conversing after I launch into my third favourite cheese dish. In Hugh’s teammate I had found a cheese confident, “I go crazy without cheese” was my favourite quote of his, that and “I cannot stop with a little bit I must keep going!”. He also told me he would take Hugh and I to a cheese restaurant, and then proceeded to explain how to make baked Camembert, complete with images of the correct bread to eat with the baked wheel of dairy delight. It reinforced one of my favourite quotes, “A friend who loves cheese is a friend indeed”. I have since discovered little dishes with lids in our kitchen to make baked camembert. Hugh has reminded me that it will be a ‘treat food’ and not an ‘ everyday snack food’ but I think he might be wrong.

I am sorry I used my second in command camera, my iPhone to take these photos. I couldn’t fit my camera into a clutch. I am waiting for someone to invent a camera that folds up as small as a memory stick. Then you throw it, like one of those pop up child’s tents or a Pokemon ball and it becomes full sized, maybe with some smoke for dramatic effect. Until then, and iPhone was the best I could do.


the soiree



Cake, cake give me all the cake

Cake, cake give me all the cake


Photo by SFR – I have only just realised that stare was directed at me. I am probably making a reference to Hugh looking normal in a double height room and he is probably unimpressed with my jokes


Photo by SFR

Hugh and I

Who doesn't love a photo booth?

Who doesn’t love a photo booth?


  1. Anonymous

    You must send your post to Todd Blackadder and tell him the Crusaders Xmas Party need to lift a notch or two, Ce. Luv dad


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