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Occasionally Hugh and I find similarities in our childhoods, both based in the 90’s on either side of the Tasman. For example, we visited the same small island in Fiji in the same year and within a few months of each other. We liked the same cartoons, ate the same cereals, Hugh played Tuba I played Clarinet, and we both watched Skippy the bush kangaroo. Another similarity – our parents both liked to go on camping trips with family friends. For me the camping trips were with the family Pfeifer, and for Hugh, the family Stone including Angus and Julia. My family also camped with a family Stone but I don’t want to confuse you as one of their daughters is called Julia as well, and they are talented musicians, as are the Pfeifers.. ok sorry! Different family! (long live Totaranui campfire sing-a-longs!) In summary, I am quite convinced all Stone families are excellent campers and singers and I think I would enjoy life as a Stone.

On a chilly Tuesday night Hugh and I ventured outside (one of us for the first time that day… guess who?) to watch Angus and Julia perform at Casino de Paris. And just to be clear we were watching them perform on stage, and not at the pokies, Casino de Paris is a music hall in the 9th arrondissement.

They were spectacular, and I do not use that word lightly. Both Hugh and I had experienced A & J perform separately however together they are insane, all breathy vocals and melodious tunes. Their band deserves a nod of appreciation too as they were tremendous, and I’ve never seen a spiral symbol percussion instrument before (I’m sure it has a proper name). Julia’s cover of ‘You’re the one that I want’ gave me tears, shivers and SHS (squeezy heart syndrome). Within ten minutes she had switched from guitar, to trumpet, to singing, to speaking french, to playing the keyboard. A mere ten minutes was all it took for her to demonstrate on stage with ease and mastery five life skills that I do not possess. And that’s without referencing her dancing skills, she moves like every girl at every outdoor music festival imagines themselves moving. It was a humbling experience to say the least. As for Angus, his voice is like chocolate fondue. With my fondness of chocolate you can take from that what you will.

It was to be a Tuesday night Northern Beaches reunion in Paris. As soon as Julia spoke on stage Hugh whispered “It’s so good to hear a Beaches accent!” (Apparently a different Australian dialect). And as soon as Julia saw Hugh her eyes widened in shock. He had grown considerably since the shared camping holidays and both she and Angus were laughing at his size. Actually everyone at the after party referenced Hugh’s height. It was a cramped space and a lady cheekily inquired if she could touch his muscles. Hugh is going to be so happy I have included that anecdote in here, he ‘didn’t hear her’ properly until she was squeezing/caressing his bicep. Her excuse? Her ‘husband’ had told her too.. likely story right? As for me? A man told me to “grow”. A challenge that I cannot scientifically accept.

Thank you so much to A+J and their lovely mother Kim who together with Hugh’s mum Sel-babe (Selina) organised tickets and backstage passes. Aren’t mums the best?! If you’re not familiar with their new tunes these are my lovehearts, liked, faves, you know..

WHEREEVER YOU ARE – So dreamy, so lovely, eeep beautiful! If you can listen to this without experiencing ‘feels’ or ‘feelings’, you should go and visit your local GP.




AUSTRAY & EN-ZED LOVE I felt it was only right to wear a Camilla and Marc blazer (AUS) and Georgia Alice t-shirt (NZ)

End messgae for my Mum.

Just a quick note to say that I am sorry for giving up on the clarinet after all those years of lessons. I blame Britney Spears and Baby Spice, they weren’t exactly bouncing around in their Sketchers with clarinets or saxophones and I couldn’t see a Pop-star career in clarinet playing. Another thing, you know that clarinet holder dad built on the back of my bike with bright coloured stretchy cables to ensure the case didn’t fall onto the road? That really damaged my rep. Why didn’t you get all ‘stage mum’ and make me play guitar? Was it because I’m left-handed and not so coordinated? That’s fair enough… sorry again Mum.


  1. Anonymous

    We have been enjoying your blogs, but was particularly touched by this one…yes you and Nick would have made interesting siblings! But actually we are all part of the Totoranui family and we love following your exploits. Really disappointed you didn’t keep up your music though, you had such potential on the recorder! Love Kathy

    • paristhethird

      Bonjour Kathy Stone my first music teacher and fellow camper! Too many show ponies if Nick and I were in the same family, best we were separated to ensure we received maximum attention. You’ve raised a valid point regarding my undeniable recorder talent. Perhaps it was moving onto bigger things (the clarinet) that was to be my downfall. After all who can resist the sweet scratchy song of the recorder? Thank you so much for reading xo


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