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I am starting with an apology on behalf of my BFG. I did mention the next post would be penned by Hugh however he has not met his deadline as he is easily distracted by candy crush and has disappeared to Grenoble for the weekend, (to play rugby/work so there’s no resentment here). He sent me this photo of the Alpine town, picturesque!


On Monday we set off on a snow mission which will be snow much fun. We are driving to Chamonix, a six hour drive from Paris. Hugh has charged me with finding somewhere to stop for lunch on the way and has informed me that we will be listening to French lesson podcasts the whole way. It could be a long journey, I think I’ll need to take noise cancelling headphones just in case. Chamonix boasts one of the oldest ski resorts in France that hosted the Winter Olympics in 1924, and you can ride a luge on one of the bobsled tracks which I hope we can do, it all depends whether Hugh will fit. If anyone else is thinking about ‘Cool Runnings’ while reading this, you and I are on the same page.

Anywho – that will be a fantastic adventure, and I am glad that we are exploring France as I have only seen glimpses of the French countryside from a train window. Admittedly it will be very tempting to drive across the border to Italy for dinner, which reminds me I need to work out whether Italian restaurants offer a cross the border pizza delivery service??

OK enough rambling, onto today’s post!

My love of breakfast should come as no surprise to those that have religiously read my blog posts (mum and dad). So it was only natural that I celebrate some exciting news by visiting Breakfast in America, an American diner in Le Marais that serves breakfast items all day erryday.

The only thing missing from the following line up is a jar of pickles. 

spot the difference

Introducing the ‘Obama’ a chocolate peanut butter milkshake. Hugh is still talking about it, and dreaming about it..

You can imagine after all this eating we needed to, as Taylor would say, shake it/walk it off. We made it 1km before the rain set in and the last leg was spent like sardines in a soggy tin tube on the metro till we reached Galleries Lafayette. I had some secret squirrel business to attend to for my friend Marre in Printemps before we visited the new Lafayette food store across the road to purchase some Christmas treats!

We caught the metro home and Hugh ate a second dinner while I started to visualise an update to my street style, if you’ve stepped foot in the Printemps handbag section you will understand where my head was at..

I am looking forward to our French alps adventure next week and I will make sure to take a lot of snaps. Hugh has also put his hand up to cook a leg of lamb for Christmas lunch with the other expats. The only problem being, he thought he was agreeing to a ham, as he thought the organizer was saying ‘ham’ when really she was saying ‘lamb’. luckily I confirmed she was requesting lamb so that we didn’t have a awkward meat moment come Christmas day.


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