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WARNING: Hugh has alerted me to the fact that this post is not “as funny as usual”. I thought I better warn you but in my defense I just had a really great time. Sure I developed a skin rash called ‘swimmers itch’ and as luck would have it came across the only pharmacist in Mexico who didn’t speak English. Yes I had to demonstrate scratching and expose the blotchy redness taking over my upper body, but who hasn’t had a chest rash on holiday? Riiiiight?

With that out of the way I shall begin!

It was an eleven hour flight that lead us from Paris Snow, to Paradise in Mexico. Of course ONE of us was upgraded to extra leg room while the other remained ten rows behind. Guess who? The same one who practically leapt from his seat in anticipation before the flight attendant had even finished speaking about the potential upgrade. The attendant kept throwing “I’m really sorry” sympathetic glances my way throughout the safety demonstration. I didn’t know if he was saying sorry that I moved your boyfriend, or, sorry that your boyfriend was so keen to move away from you. We arrived into Cancun airport and a short taxi ride later it was play on in Playa Del Carmen! Well not exactly… after check in I was in need of one thing, I was a girl possessed. Tacos? Tequila? A sombrero? Not quite señor/señorita! Unfortunately this chica needed sleep! The lag of the jet had slapped me straight across the face. So I got horizontal while Hugh ventured out to try the hottest tacos of his life washed down with horchata to ease the burn. By morning, the sun was out and I was fully charged ready tac-go!

We had but six hours to experience Playa as our Mexican Hola-day was heavily Tulum focused. With breakfast done by 8:00am, thank you jetlag a saunter down the main street was in order as Hugh needed new thongs/jandals (let’s not have the T vs J debate here) and we both were excited for the all important first glimpse of the Mexican coast. Unable to convince myself that I would be fine in shorts and a t-shirt – I have adopted onion-like layering behaviours in Paris, I was the only (translucent) gal decked out in a long sleeved top on the beach. Dork factor at an all time high.

I rectified the long sleeved situation and stripped down to a bikini relishing in the feel of sand beneath my toes and the warmth of the sun on my skin. I could have cried tears of joy if Hugh hadn’t demanded sunblock application and reapplication every ten minutes.

You may have noticed in the photos that Hugh and I are both sporting a similar style of hat, logically you could assume that perhaps we are sharing one? Well this is awkward. We bought matching hats. Not so much to be super cute but more because we both wanted the same one. There is a slight colour variation just FYI! I’ll admit the matching hats gave us a “couple life!” quality that may have scared potential friends off but I was pretty happy to keep my nose burn free for the entire week.

Careful not to overdo it on the first day (Hugh’s thoughts not mine) we retreated from the sun to a leafy restaurant for a quick spot of lunch before returning to the hotel to organise ourselves for the taxi ride to Tulum. I was warned to be cautious while in the hotel room with the balcony doors open as a large alligator had been spotted recently in the pool lagoon…

Fortunately it was just a large Australian Croc.. graceful nonetheless..

The drive from Playa to Tulum, an hour in total passed by in the squint of an eye and soon we were pulling up at the gates of Kore wellness resort.

Time to check yo’self (ourselves) in.

Is there anything more majestic than a towel swan? I thinkos notos (Spanish probably)

One of the perks of Kore, and a great deal of the Mexican resorts and hotels are that they are ALL INCLUSIVE! Those words are worthy of capital letters ladies and gentleman. All inclusive means eat as much as you like, when you like, where you like. Cabana tostadas, nachos by the pool, guacamole at all times. I’ve added some photos so you can understand the happiness we felt. Yes alcoholic drinks were also all inclusive and Hugh got right into the Pina coladas, including singing the song whenever he ordered one, quite a treat.

We did consider joining another couple for dinner just so we could ask if their friendship was all inclusive but were too concerned our wrist bands would be removed and our supply to unlimited guacamole cut off. The gag was deemed too much of a risk.

I am nacho friend. Wait, wait, don’t press ESC I am your friend I just do it for the lols.

Breakfast deserves it’s own description. Because the great thing about breakfast was that we could order three courses and not feel guilty. It’s all inclusive AND we needed energy for activies. After all Dora always packs a full lunch three course breakfast snacks and alcoholic drinks in her backpack. Doesn’t she? Don’t know. Anywho… here’s an example of a breakfast that we ate earlier in the week. Hugh’s was delicious apparently, although the sight of peas at breakfast time frightened me. The French toast on the other hand, subLIME.

Adventures adventures hooray for adventures!

Travel in Tulum is by bike, or Collectiva, a fantastic shuttle service down the main highway between Tulum and PDC. No stops are involved, the driver keeps his or her eyes peeled for locals and tourists looking to a lift. We visited Akumal Bay using the Collectiva, the Mayan ruins by bike, and the Grand Cenote by taxi… I guess that day we were having a lazy day.

Ready for some action courtesy of Hugh’s go-pro?

THE GRAND CENOTE Clear, blue, fresh water so deep in parts that you can see the headlights of divers below. The turtles were small and cute bobbing, ducking and diving. The bats perched over head? Not so cute. Just focus on the turtles…

Swimming down to explore the underwater stalactite..

AKUMAL BAY or should I say AKUMAL FARM where Sea turtles graze on sea grass like cows and sting rays lay eggs like chickens. (The sting-ray bit may or may not be true). The day prior at the Grand Cenote I had overheard a guide mention that sea turtles have razor sharp teeth capable of damaging a finger. I did not remember the pointed teeth in Finding Nemo, nor the menacing nature that would encourage one of these sea cows to bite. I was a little bit nervous about the teeth thing and the sting-rays. There’s only one sort of ray I’m interested in and it comes courtesy of the sun. Unless of course you’re reading this and your name is Ray, I’m sure you’re great too. Those sting rays or ‘the evil bats of the sea’ chased me around all afternoon and I am sure one of them laughed at me.

Scuba Steve..

Hugh’s favourite turtle, “friend of fish”

The frightening view from the perspective of the Sea turtles. I don’t think I blinked the entire time and tried to tell them the most Shell-arious jokes I knew.

After watching the turtles graze on sea grass we hunted down our own Mexican feast, tacos – slightly more appetizing than sea grass although that’s just an educated guess, I could stand corrected..

To be continued…

Next post –  my personal tour of Tulum!


  1. Paul Morrison

    Fabulous photo’s Ce and the food looks amazing. I am sure the sun and swimming has been very welcome after the depths of winter in Paris. Luv Dad


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