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One of my favourite pastimes is reading, especially as my iPad gives me access to unlimited books – thank you Sir Amazon. I was reading a self help book the other day, yes I know don’t go there, and the author had stated that some people are ‘Gold star’ people. I glanced up at the mirror and saw myself nodding back at myself… woah that was a strange sentence to type, The author summarised, that a Gold Star person is one who upon completing a task thoroughly e.g. they cleaned the house or made dinner – needs a verbal gold star. It’s not enough for them to feel their own sense of satisfaction, without having their task acknowledged. I’ve already recognised my Dad and I as ‘Gold starers” it’s not something to be proud of. But if being self aware is a crime, then I am in jail for life.

Aaaand here’s today’s blog post.

Look what I did.

YEP! You’re looking at homemade sausage rolls because El Hugo had a craving. In Paris sausage rolls, or meat pies, are as rare as a croissant free patisserie. The scarcity of Sausie Rolls along with an absence of a staple ingredient, pork mince from any Parisian supermarket, makes for a daunting task. But they tasted ok, and smothered in Mrs Balls Chutney anything tastes good. This condiment is new to our line up, gifted to us by our South African friend who carried this precious sauce with him from his homeland. We are now firm fans of Mrs Balls and her magical abilities with onions and vinegar.

I didn’t just stop at sausage rolls though. I guess you could call me an over achiever (on this specific week, and at no other time in my life). The inspiration came courtesy of Hugh’s special stash. These big boys flew to Paris via allied smugglers of Australasian descent.

He really is a nutter. HA. He is addicted to peanut butter, it is his vice of choice. He adds PB to his smoothies, his muesli (WHAT?! I KNOW?!) and he is known to eat spoonfuls from the jar. The French do not consider peanut butter a spread, nor as a food group in their diet. The jars in our cupboard are counterfeit and treated like treasures by my big friend.

If you’re a clean-eater, sugar-hater, anti-dairy reader you will need to advert your eyes. Covered? Ok I must divulge.

Because I did something really bad.

But it was the sort of thing that makes you feel bad, but makes you feel good at all once.

I made peanut butter, chocolate-chunk, brownie cookies. And I wasn’t sad. Link to recipe here.

I know you’re thinking it, so I will confirm that yes it was one of the greatest days of my (mouth’s) life.

“It will look better if I’ve already bitten it” H.Pyle – two cookies down.

If Hugh’s diet/strength/nutrition man happens to be reading this. “Desolé Monsieur, mais non desolé” (sorry sir, but not sorry). Oh and if you’re a fellow badgirl in the kitchen here’s a link to the recipe.

With such CULINARY DELIGHTS coming out of our kitchen I was treated to a night out at Le Perchoir, a restaurant in the 10th. Le Perchoir’s ‘mystery menu’ concept really suited an indecisive gal like me.

Hugh had booked out the entire restaurant just for us…

I am just joking we were there early..

A vin before dinner, it would be rouge not too…

Asparagus milk to prepare the palate.

And my own method of cleansing…

Presenting the trio of starters, because good things always come in threes.

We ate our main quickly… and awkwardly, too quickly to take a photo.

Forgive me.

A short while after a delicate, fruity, chocolate-y concoction appeared via an angel from heaven. Actually it was just our waitress but she was pretty angelic looking.

A large cup of creamy homemade chocolate, nut ice-cream was placed next to me and tears formed.

As I was telling you, we were just early

The night didn’t finish after our three courses of perfection…

Up we went to the rooftop bar.

So we could look out over the Parisian rooftops.

And try to peer into the living rooms of unsuspecting French inhabitants.

Finally we bid a Bonsoir to the Sacre Couer before heading home to digest.

Our visitor quota has skyrocketed lately which has pleased me to know end. I do love to entertain. Two gals from Christchurch Holly and Becky, visited from their new digs in London and we had a great time eating too much sugar and discussing bee exterminators. They gave me a bunch of beautiful flowers and a vase to thank Hugh and I for having them. Hugh had also given me a bunch of roses from the market earlier in the week so I was very pleased with my mantelpiece set up.

I sat and watched each flower open.

Our most recent guest came from the Grand Pomme (Big Apple). She kindly accompanied me to watch Hugh’s game vs Racing Metro. Racing Metro are the other team based just out of Paris so it was a big grudge match between the pink and the baby blue.

We were seated amongst die-hard Racing Metro fans.

Colours that will scare the living daylights out of you…

A charming pop corn dealer entertained the crowd.

At half time we found the bar.

“It’s not a game, without champagne” – C.Morrison – every game I watch/play/listen too.

Hugh’s team came away with a win and the crowd stormed the field… in a polite and calm manner.

All I wanted to ask was whether it was ok for me to order Planet Sushi for dinner without him

But the pink mob were hard to penetrate

There’s something about a pink cowboy hat that screams “back off lady”.

Finally I got the answer I needed and Mel and I ventured back into Paris for sushi.


Hugh and I have continued to search for the best flat whites in Paris. Our new ‘closest’ coffee shop, which is a three kilometre walk away is Honor. We have attempted to befriend the young couple who started their stand alone coffee pop up at the start of the year. They hail from Australia and the UK so language is not a barrier although we are yet to learn their names. On this particular visit she showed me photos of a bike she is hoping to purchase while he and Hugh discussed Aero-press techniques. Guys, I think this is the start of something quite beautiful.

Just hanging out with our new besties.

I see Hugh.

The design of Honor is very clever. The exterior is made up of panels connected with hinges so that the structure can change to suit the temperature. I am not very clever, you can see my reflection taking this photo in the window.

When it comes down to it, blossoming friendships aside, the best part of Honor is served in a small blue cup.

Oh just quickly before I go, I have added another tab at the top of the the main page. It’s a Paris To-Chew list so that if you or any of your pals or relatives are visiting Paris you can check out my coffee and food recommendations. Just if you want to, you don’t have to, I don’t need any approval. I have a lot of stars already.

Tomorrow I am jetting to Portugal with my friend Hailey for two nights. Hugh, and Hailey’s boyfriend Jono are playing in Brive this weekend so we decided on a girls trip to Lisbon. I will be back within the week to share my Portugal adventures with you. That’s a promise from me to you.

Love ya.


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