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Visiting Paris for a slice of European summer? Well you’ll be intrigued by our latest find! This tipoff came via Helen and Paul Williams who frequent La Javelle on the regular. Upon hearing the duo utter the words “food” and “trucks” in the same sentence they became our new food spirit guides/heroes.

La Javelle is the meeting ground for a variety of Parisian food trucks. The trucks change day to day but the location is consistent throughout the warmer months. For those who love street food make sure you march on down to munch on down.

Hugh and I sauntered to La Javelle in the 15th on a Sunday without visiting the website or looking into the food choices on offer. South African style BBQ, Vietnamese, Caribbean specialties and Thai are just some of the mouthwatering cuisines on rotation. Check out the menu of the day to make sure you’re at the right place, right time for you truck of choice. Website here

Strolling in, surveying, and sniffing his way into the area…

It would appear we struck a popular day. Luckily the seating was plentiful as Hugh does not enjoy standing on a Sunday.

Well hello, Lobster & co…

What to choose, what to choose. Hugh was panicking as he sent me off to inspect the truck serving fresh indian curries and naan.

Height is really a strength in crowds affording a whole different vantage point, oxygen supply and no chance of getting lost..

Meanwhile at the drinks container, or the liquid box I waited in line.

Sparkling water is such a Monday drink or a Sunday drink if you’re as cool as we are.

There is a full beverage selection to pick your poison if you’re better than water. (Are you really better than water though?)

We secured a spot to tackle our seafood.

H ate a wrap AND a burger because he’s eating for two. (Two average sized humans).

I was in charge of the crab wrap, he’s the guy in the back there…

It’s important to befriend your food before eating it.

Look at us, two buds. Just wrapped about life. One of us is about to be eaten, RIP Crab wrap.

Hugh made short work of his squid ink and crab burger. I stole a bite and it was incredible, sweet juicy crab and a mayonnaise and lime dressing.

Contrary to what you may be thinking the bun was soft and tasty.

We chatted – HA! I tell a lie. It was silent, furious eating amongst the masses.

Unfortunately we mistimed our departure. The crepe man had just warmed up his plates as we passed by.

Crepe-less but happy we skipped back to the car, following the lead of this young gentleman.

Ok so I skipped and Hugh strutted.

The board below marks out the weeks plan, making unemployed patrons feel as though they should perhaps just camp out all week.

Open from midday to midnight, those are my kind of hours. La Javelle is a great spot to park up for the afternoon. The location and atmosphere really has to be Seine to be believed (HA).

À bientôt La Jarvelle, see you very soon, as in probably tomorrow.

Address – Port de Javel Bas, 75015 Paris. Map of exact spot here 

Taking the metro? Jump on the 9 line and hop off at Exelmans.

Pssst – Little ones in tow? There are plenty of games and activities set up to entertain the smallest of friends.


  1. Anne Marie

    Loving your blogs again Cee missed you for a while. So glad you’re back. Lovely summer has arrived.

    • paristhethird

      I’m glad you kept the faith Am! The blogging resurgence is entirely weather related – it’s definitely easier to showcase this side of the world in the sun (and it helps most readers are facing the winter chill) Thank you for reading x

    • paristhethird

      Thank you for reading! It was so delicious – I’m glad a fellow squid-inker enjoyed the post I was curious to see how the burger would resonate through photos. If I ruled the world each person who looked at the post would be offered a (small) bite to try for themselves. But alas… x

    • paristhethird

      Hello Stephane! We more than enjoyed your delicious dishes, how nice that you stumbled across my post. We will be seeing you very soon and thanks for the link it will help us to hunt you down 🙂


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