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I’ve found it, my favourite little street in Paris.

Although it’s not so much a street and more a storybook lane.

Notting Hill without the bumbling floppy-haired Hugh Grant

Although this floppy-haired Hugh was a near perfect stand in.

A deserted street on a sunny Sunday in Paris is entirely unheard of. This particular street was busy hosting a gathering with French from each generation gathered around on various types of makeshift chairs.

As usual the children were as picture perfect as their surroundings.

We debated between us just how exactly the residents decided to add their own personal touch…

Number 2 sloshed about some blue.

While salmon and white added a femme factor

The real question? How many vin rouge bottles were downed before number 24 boldly declared “YELLOW!”

Must-ard been a tough decision.

Or maybe it was a ‘draw out of a hat scenario’ or race to the hardware store.

Lined up like a row of creamy gelato trays – the pretty pastel buildings have a new firm fan.

For a snap of your own visit Rue Crémieux 75012.


  1. Gretel

    A delightful sweet discovery! Thanks for sharing, Celia. (We watched French Open Tennis matches – great games, all those white hats… and blue skies over Bois du Bologne. Happy times in Paris! Love from Ottawa, Gretel and Richard PS: Fifa Women’s soccer in town. We watched yesterday’s games xx

  2. Cara

    Hi it is Cara,
    I really like the photos!
    The street looks wonderful and really coulerful,
    This looks like my fav street too!


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