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Picnics in the warmer months are the perfect way to impress someone visiting Paris. I love to pack a basket crammed with tasty delights and a blanket, and make a tree-line to the gardens of Versailles, the Champs de Mars or Chantilly.

Having a few solid go-to locations with ‘wow factor’ buildings or gardens nearby is something I pride myself on however our latest picnic guest required me to up my game.

Hugh’s mum arrived from Sydney last week and I began plotting an attack – probably not the best word – a PLAN! I had spied snaps of the Parc de Sceaux, a suburban Parisian Park, and immediately wowed to chew it out. The parc, with stunning Chateau de Sceaux backdrop couldn’t possibly fail to impress Hugh’s mum. Together with my stimulating conversation and juggling tricks what could go wrong.

On Hugh’s RDO we drove twenty minutes from the centre of town to the ‘burbs for lunch, grass-side.

After surveying the grounds I began to hedge my bets on where to parc up…

It was lush, green, and a fun fact Madonna performed to a crowd of 130,000 at this very spot.

The sloped green lawn was just asking to be rolled upon. I decided to stay mature but I’ll admit it was hard to keep my composure. I wanted to tuck and roll down to the fountain.

Captured – a pair of picnicking Pyles

The upside down ice-cream cone hedge 

A picnic spot was selected at haste as Hugh was ‘Sceaux hungry’

Out came the provisions. Essentials for a Parisian picnic must be acquired as close to the hour of picnicking as physically possible. This need for ‘freshness’ works extremely well for the lazy and unprepared of the world.

First up, my favourite cheese vehicle the baguette.

A baguette should have a crunch, a chew, and an undeniable softness.

The produce was thanks to our street market. Abricots (not a typo)

Fresh gorgonzola – the picnic apPEARed to be going well.

But can you really say you’ve picnicked if you haven’t had cake.

The demolition of the feast was swift

We paused to undo our jeans (no judgement) stretch back and admire our vantage point

Friends sniffed around for left over cheeses. Some were keen to stick around and others rather rude.

I witnessed a near Puppy-napping incident but otherwise the picnic remained scandal and crime free.

Although with cheese, cake and carb consumption I was feeling rather guilty…

A “BRISK WALK” I thought. If there’s one thing Mums love it’s a walk amongst nature. The Pyle contingent were slightly whiny about my suggestion, the biggest one causing the most trouble. Thankfully he is easily fooled, all it took was a simple rouse “Oh lets see what the fisherman are doing” and soon he was lapping the parc.

I was completely blown away by Parc de Sceaux…

and by the contented sighs on the car ride home I think Hugh’s mum was too.

A picnic victory, a pic-nic-tory!


  1. Gretel

    BEst picnic of the year so far…Pyle it on!
    Loe to the three of you from us,
    Gretel and Richard xx

    • paristhethird

      Hello Gretel!
      Selina and I are preparing for Hugh’s big final tonight in Paris – very exciting.
      We hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

  2. Monaco

    I discovered your site with chance after the Bordeaux rugby games where I was; Hugh was the only player from Paris who I did not know so on the monday I googleled his name I felt on your site. I just love it …. the way you speak about your French experience, the way you show Paris with your photo ….. I am an ex Rugby player from Versailles where I live for 35 years and I now live close to Monaco ( south of france ).I miss Paris so much and your blog is just great to remind me how beautiful is that city and how it is sweet to live there.
    I hope everything is going well up there and that you like your French experience
    Good luck for your man tomorrow evening, I will be in front of my TV

    Go on like that please, it is just a pleasure to follow your adventure

    • paristhethird

      Hello there, bonjour to you!
      Thank you so much for your message, such a nice surprise. I was down in Bordeaux last week for the game also, what a beautiful city. I haven’t yet ventured down to the South of France so I need to take my camera back to Bordeaux and of course Monaco and the region where you live.
      I can only imagine what it would feel like to leave Paris after so many years living here. I am already concerned about the day we have to leave, it really is such a magical place and I’m trying to make the most of every day here. Hugh loves the rugby culture here and the passion of the fans.
      Speaking of which, I’ve got my pink outfit ready tonight, I think I’ll have to do a post about the finals tonight and the semi’s last night, the French hospitality is so wonderful I walk around in a champagne daze!
      Thank you again for your message and for taking the time to write me a message. It’s really special for me when people who I haven’t met read my blog and enjoy it.
      Allez Paris!


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