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Turkey wasn’t my idea.

Not that I thought it was a bad idea, not at all. I was so preoccupied with Italy and Greece that I left the whole ‘Turkey week’ up to my tall travel companion. After flying direct from Athens we landed in Istanbul at midnight. Our dates coincided with Ramadan which made our experience of Istanbul that much more special. At night the air was thick with the smell of amazing food and the city crawled with locals and tourists. I fell asleep to the sounds of laughter, conversation and the occasional beat of a drum waking those from their slumber to prepare for the first meal of the day before their fast began.

I was especially taken with the Hagia Sophia and the Basilica Cistern. Of course, special mention must go to the real authentic turkish delight (the good stuff is made with honey – Cadbury get it together).


    • paristhethird

      Bonjour James, thank you for your comment! Istanbul is pretty special. I wish I could claim it was my photography or camera but it was definitely the setting

  1. Anonymous

    Forget Istanbul, YOU look stunning Cee! Beautiful pictures of you my girl!xxxx
    Love Esther

  2. Anonymous

    Wow Celia, we are enjoying reliving our trip last year. Turkey was so fascinating. You were lucky to arrive during Ramadan – it is such a sensory overload. amazing photos too. What an awesome experience you are having.
    Love Kathy Stone


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