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A holiday with a female and a holiday with a male are two very different beasts beaches. I had never traveled with a male before so I was interested to see how things would play out.

Over the past four weeks I have traveled solely, and exclusively with a dude, a man, at times what has felt like a foreign alien from out of space. He is not a shopper and I am not a fisher. He is not a sunbather (although his lounging abilities improved dramatically) and I am not a snorkeler (one hour max before I feel like i’m tempting a bite-y fate). Luckily it all works out well as to date we have never found ourselves competing for the same go-pro shot of an octopus or pair of gold Miu Miu rip off sandals.

As strange as it sounds when planning our holiday I didn’t pay any attention to what had consumed our lives over the past year – footy. I didn’t check for gyms at our hotels, although I did make sure breakfast was included (I love me a breakfast buffet!) Very quickly it became apparent that I wasn’t traveling with the a 9-7 office bound yo-pro. Nope, the normal human would not engage in two simultaneous hikes along, up and down the Turkish coast line with no equipment and little to no mountaineering experience. We stayed above Butterfly Valley in Ferithye and to get from ‘room to beach’ we faced a cliff face hike/climb. Day one and the first indication of what was to come was in the form of an old sign warning that some have “died on this hike”. As we traversed down toward the blue expanse below I wrote my will in my head, I tried to weigh up whether Turkey’s Westpac helicopter would be able to get to my injured self, and Hugh generously started telling me about the movie 127 hours.

In summary, I should’ve paid closer attention to the ‘gym facilities’ box on It is hard dating a racehorse.

Clearly marked track…

Thank god for go-pros. Allowing guys to capture their girlfriends at their most terrified.

Gently sloping cliffs…

I will admit, it was worth it once we got to the bottom.

Our second hike and we were pumped!

Reaching sea level was especially satisfying

Off he goes – Scuba Steve 

“Feed me grapes”

– “….no.”

“I’ll feed myself then,”

Presenting, the failed hair flick attempts of Turkey 2015

We timed our walk back (at a snail like pace) with sunset.

And yes, I did feel like I’d achieved something after living to tell the Turkish trek tales. 

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