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August is the month of peace and tranquility in Paris. It is the month Parisians flee the city speeding off in their cars and scooters in search of sun, sea and sangria.

August, for those who have stuck around, is lovely time to be in Paris. Sure the tourists still mill about, but that makes for enjoyable metro rides eavesdropping on the conversations around me in varying degrees of english (I do this creepily and greedily). Sure some of the cafes, restaurants and shops close and don’t register their closing dates online so you check on the inter-web and then arrive to a handwritten note in French basically saying WE OUTA HERE B*&$#%S!

Speaking of greedy – we have found ourselves taking advantage of the far less congested crazy, hazardous, insane streets and have driven* about visiting new cafes and restaurants sampling the new food and coffee popping up all over Paris.

*I do not drive, our car is manual and if you know me, and know my driving history I can leave it at that. If you don’t just imagine changing gears on the other side of the car while driving on the wrong side of the road. MADNESS.

The rugby season starts again on Sunday which is very bizarre, without having New Years and Christmas in between it doesn’t feel like a ‘new year’ but it’s definitely a nouveau start from the Frenchie’s perspective. Hugh’s team have new sponsors, new cars and Hugh is sporting a new scar thanks to seven stitches above his eye acquired during friendly fire at training. He thinks it’s very Harry Potter-esque and I’m trying to stay positive for his sake. In reality I’m opening another tab as I write this post to look for “4 litre bottle of bio oil” with immediate shipping.

I signed up for a three month course at Sorbonne studying French. HALP! I’m considering strapping a go-pro to my head so that I can make a few youtube videos of what will no doubt be one of the most absurd experiences of my life. I hope I make one friend, just one. I’m full of anxiety and doubt. I’m not sure if I should carry my books or wear them in a cool swaggy backpage? What should I wear? I will be Drew Barrymore from Never been Kissed. My younger brother messaged me to say “HAHA you’re an adult student” and “just don’t sit up the front and ask heaps of questions ok?” So obviously his thoughtful words have made me feel much better.

The month of August has a new meaning for us as in August last year we flew to Paris on a one way ticket and said kissed our Melbourne lives goodbye. The 27th will officially mark one year living as a french fraud in this magical city and boy has it whizzed on by. I hope to have a new exciting update for my blog reader friends soon so watch this space. In the meantime please feel free to have a glass (or bottle) of vin rouge on the 27th for me to mark the occasion. Oh and I may as well take the opportunity – (lol what opportunity I can do what I want I run this site) – to thank you for stopping by every once and a while, for squinting through the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and for trying to understand my puns. It’s really neat of you and I really appreciate it.


Pastry + bed = heaven.

Rogue Pastry flakes + bed = DISASTER.

You so flakey, you so golden.

Just wanted to prove I ate it… HA JOKES I have no self control. Camera down croissant in mouth before I’ve even started to think about whether I should eat it now or later. (self control goals am I right?)

SEGWAY! You weren’t expecting that were you. BOOM! Just throwing a few Mallorca snaps at you. I visited for a week with some gal pals and returned with a tan that I don’t think I’ll ever replicate. Next summer I won’t go outside I’ll just sit indoors in the dark and watch a slideshow of our summer photos.

Ok back to Paris, a bit of drizzle – yeehaa not missing Mallorca AT ALL.

And look if I was a photoshop wizard the rubbish bin wouldn’t be there. But i’m not. So TRASH talk me all you like. Here’s a TIP for you though.. don’t.

New fried chicken hangout.. Hero. DELIGHTFUL If any Melbournites are looking at the screen now thinking “ok girl but measure it against Mr Miyiagi” my reply to you is Hero is the prince and Mr Miyagi is the king.

Another day, another café, featuring the total babe-face Lydia.

Watching the ships storm roll in…

Cocktails and sushi with Hailey, standard away game activities…

How I A-DOOR Paris… doors.


Chez moi.

The hottest mess you ever did see…

Again, regrets about the whole lack-of-photoshop-skill thing. Orange, polo-shirt, plastic-bag man was really killing my vibe. This photo was going places. Look at him, standing there.. waiting for a mate…

Burger & fries, a tasty surprise for our hungry eyes, not the best choice for my thighs.

Anna Kendrick get your cup hands here stat. (And hang out with me I follow you on twitter).


4 Responses to “OUT AND ABOUT IN AOÛT”

  1. Anonymous

    OH EM GEEZY Ceal that post made me famished! Those burgers….oh my….you are taking me there next year Cee! That avo toast also…..also lol at “French Fraud” – great phrase! Miss yooooou! Beautiful picture as per usual xxxx Esther

  2. Anonymous

    Love your post Cee. So proud of you attacking the Sorbonne. Very brave and I can’t imagine it will take more than a minute for you to find a friend. What a beautiful place you are living in just perfect. Poor Hugh I hope he’s healing well.


    “Derrière Priso et De Clerq, l’Australien Hugh Pyle a fait oublier
    au public de Jean Bouin qu’il manquait au Stade français sa
    deuxième ligne tricolore (Pascal papé et Alexandre Flanquart).
    Propre en touche, efficace sur ses déblayages et omniprésent
    dans le jeu courant, l’ancien joueur des Rebels fut probable-
    ment le roi du terrain.”

    Written in the French Rugby Newspaper /King of the field, well done for your guy !!!!!
    It should be the result of the marvelous holidays you had together. They seemed to be terrific. I really like the way you tansmit all the nice places you go through. Your photo are superb and the textes are funny to read
    Have a good continuation

  4. Clara

    Hahaha I love your humor !
    I am a 22 years old student in paris, we can be mate if you want to, I will help with your french, you could help me eat pastries 🙂


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