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Paris heights and terrace nights, a post to officially mark one year living in Paris.

It was a week of highlights, Hugh scored his first try and a French period drama was shooting right outside our apartment building complete with horses, wigs and beards as far as the eye could see. Before I realised they were shooting for a French film, Cézanne et moi, I was secretly hoping I’d catch a glimpse of Colin Firth in some jodhpurs, maybe Keira Knightley if I was very lucky.

We scaled the Montparnasse tower (the single huge dark skyscraper) to tick off another touristy thing to do because that’s the kind of cool cats we are. I would highly recommend it… highly… heights.

Hugh’s pal from London was in town to watching his first game of the season. As Hugh was hotel bound Saturday night I took his friend out to party. We went to Nuba which is a rooftop bar and club. The coolness was obvious and I would definitely check it out if you’re into DJ’s, drinks and identical twins, seriously we met some.

Next week I’ll be celebrating my birthday with one of my friends from Melbourne. I’m terribly excited about seeing her but at the same time very nervous. I know she will be expecting great (French speaking) things. I have a week to get it together or at least pay some people to randomly ‘bump into me’ over the weekend nd ask specific questions in French that I have prepared so that I can wow her. Failing that I’ll rely on the Peninsula hotel to work its magic for me. Bring on the High Tea tiers of heaven.

4 Responses to “ONE YEAR ON”

  1. Gretel

    Incredible shots over Paris..beautiful photos of you and Hugh..Happy Birthday, Celia.. Have a most beautiful fun day and new birthyear. Loe, Gretel and Richard xx


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