parisienne aspirations since 2014


Our move to France made me appreciate the strong, sassy and beautiful femmes that were already part of my life. Thanks to Steve Jobs I have a device that to some degree creates a sense of intimacy and closeness to these women who are oceans away. I will admit that it’s tough to not be physically there to eat cake and ride the highs, or to eat cake and live through the lows with them. On the days that I’m really missing these girls I become a nostalgic creeper, tagging them in HILARIOUS videos of cats and dogs or sending them deep quotes from pinterest, On the really bad days I’ll trawl their social media commenting on how much I miss them, how heavenly they look or “REMEMBER THIS” if I find a photo of us together. For the most part these attempts are my way of ensuring that I remain part of their wonderful, colourful lives. Anyone who has moved to another city or country will understand this feeling, that sense of clarity when you understand just how good you had it. Take me back to those Offspring wednesay nights, frozen yoghurt dates, dinners out, dinners at home, after work walks, BRUNCH – (I’m stopping this list because it’s getting uncomfortably basic).

A piece of me dies when a gal pal excitedly informs me of her travel plans that don’t include Europe – plans of which I stubbornly try to sabotage with fabulous tales of France and the latest cheese I’ve eaten. I would like to be able to teleport (even though Hugh called me a muggle last night) so that I don’t miss an engagement party/birthday/cat’s baptism/puppy’s graduation from puppy school/ important first home purchase, important ninetieth pair of shoe purchase/great night out with hungover brunch.

The flip-side of course, and there is always one if you dig deep enough, is that I am always FIZZING with joy when I finally do get to see a DBG (dearly beloved gal pal) in the flesh. When fate places us close enough that I can jump on a plane to remind her I love her. So that is why I flew to Dubai for four glorious days with my vintage (we are talking high school) pal Chanel.

It had nothing to do with topping up my tan.

Fun things we did/ate in Dubai

  • Saffron Friday Brunch at Atlantis the Palm
  • Wild Wadi waterpark
  • Shake shake milkshakes

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