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This morning we set off on a road trip of the most sophisticated kind! Moët & Chandon who are an affiliate of Hugh’s team had kindly organised a personal tour at their home base in Épernay. They have very recently reopened after extensive renovations of the underground cellars spanning over 100 kilometres! The cellars are lined with bottles of champagne, some valued at over nine thousand euros. Now they are tunnels that I think I could quite happily get lost in… with a bottle opener… and maybe some cheese.

Situated at 20 Avenue de Champagne, this was the most authentic and quintessential champagne experience.

After visiting the origin of my favourite alcoholic drop I feel a new sense of loyalty to Moët whose process from vine to bottle I am completely across. From now on I will declare that sparkling wine is no friend of mine! It’s either champagne, or nothing. (I’m joking I’ll take a a pinot gris if you have one).


C’est très chic non?

Our tour guide and our Master/magician of the Champagne were both suave, and knowledgable. I was especially impressed with their champagne silk colour ties… reminded me of my high school formal dress… totally on theme.

I am going to study the next photo closely and practise this fantastic bottle and glass pose.

We were gifted a 2006 bottle of vintage Moët & Chandon and it seemed only right to buy the corresponding glasses. Don’t even think about serving in a skinny flute kids, it’s just not champagne.

The French experience continued with fried foie gras and roasted pear for lunch…

And an assortments of fromage.

Merci Moët & Chandon.

I am ready for a vintage champagne shower.

Bisous x


  1. Paul Morrison

    As always, fabulous photos Ce! The fried foie gras looks sensational- I am sure it tasted as good as it looks. Did you buy a few bottles of bubbly for mum and I and put them in courier bag – whoops have I have ruined the surprise! Luv dad

  2. Gretel

    Good taste!! You are the chosen…Write a book…Happy belated birthdays, Celia and Hugh..What more can I say..I love Paris too, Cheers, Gretel


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