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We found the quieter side to Sri Lanka, down the coast just near Galle. We didn’t escape the bustle and noise completely with the toots of over-taking, overzealous Tuk-tuks and large trucks waking us each morning. The sounds and smells and colours are what set Sri Lanka apart from any other island that I have visited. It was green and lush, with shack like industrial shops plotted along the single road with two lanes – although the Sri Lankan drivers are happy to stretch to three.

For a large part of the year we tell ourselves that come February and our week long break we will visit a European country in all its wintery glory. Then December and January hit and sunshine is all we can think about. This year the calendars aligned and we had a week long break at the same time as our friends Maddy and Scott who live in Japan. So, Sri Lanka became our meeting point and we hired a beach house in prime beachfront location to soak up every last ray of sunshine. We only had a week and really Sri Lanka deserves at least three or four. It was absolutely better than nothing and I feel as though I got a  taste of what this crazy, beautiful and vibrant country has to offer.















Sea turtles bobbed about in the waves each morning graceful and confident amongst the crashing dumping waves. They were in contrast to other species found lolling in the shallows…



Sri Lanka produced one of the most spectacular sunsets, and I was so pleased to find that I wasn’t the only one parked up on the beach taking it all in…

























Like the Ceylon Sapphire Sri Lanka truly is a rare treasure and I imagine in 10 – 15 years time it will be a completely different place. The locals are very friendly and fluent in english, the food is extremely cheap the only issue is manhandling and working with the large bank notes. Chain resorts and tourism development are still yet to change this island so if you like adventure and natural wonders you must put Sri Lanka high on your bucket list and visit ASAP.

We stayed – Unawatuna Beach and visited Mirissa beach.

We ate at, and thumbs upped the following eateries

  • Wijaya Beach Restaurant
  • Sun n Sea hotel and restaurant
  • Kahandra Kanda restaurant
  • Crepe-ology Galle Fort



  1. Gretel

    So nice to see the sights and spectecular beach scenes of Sri Lanka again – awesome! Thank you. Love to both of you from snowy Ottawa! Gretel and Richard xx

  2. Anonymous

    Stunning pictures Cee! That sunshine would have felt heavenly! MISS YOU!!XXX
    Esther xxx

  3. Anonymous

    Just loved the pictures of Sri Lanka Cee and of you. Great to see you and Hugh having some great time in the sun. Keep the posts coming.


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