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I have wanted a dog for a long time and I have always loved the bulldog breed. They’re definitely an acquired taste with their rolls of skin, squishy faces and snuffly sounds.

Last Friday we welcomed a new friend into our apartment, a male French Bulldog puppy that we have named Camembert. Interestingly in the French system  you have to officially register your dog with a name beginning with the letter corresponding to the year it was born. Our pup was born in December 2015 and the letter was  L so for breeding records we chose Laurent as a tribute to the great Yves.

He is as delicious as his name and has made himself at home. Although his ears are floppy and very ‘pug like’ they should stick up eventually when he finishes teething at around 4 months. We are looking forward to taking him on lots of adventures once he has had all of his vaccinations and we have his European puppy passport.












If you are interested in seeing a ridiculous amount of photos of him you can follow him on instagram @monsieur_camembert

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2 Responses to “HERE’S CAMEMBERT”

  1. Helen Searle

    Omg. He’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re so Frenchy so chic now.


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