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So the confirmation email has landed in your inbox. You have booked a flight, train, or teleportation device – destination Paris! It’s really happening. You have mentally penned your out-of-office alert, thrown caution to the wind and fully embraced the exchange rate and, most importantly warned your instagram followers to prepare for a euro onslaught. Perhaps you’re a Paris first-timer day-dreaming of warm, flakey croissants and chic Parisians or  a repeat offender determined to return to that same crepe stand to eat your body weight in golden, folded, jambon et fromage. Whatever your reason (Paris tinder), whether you’re riding solo, or as park of a six-man volleyball team and however long your stay there should be no reason to drink bad coffee or eat terrible food whilst experiencing the most attractive city in the entire world universe.

As an Australian or Kiwi you may have started experiencing the heart palpitations and clammy, coffee-clasping-hands as you start to ween yourself off your locally-brewed, morning flat white. But in Paris, I want you to have your café, and enjoying drinking it too. If you are the sort of cat who really needs his specific morning cream before any semi respectable sentence comes out of your mouth make a beeline to one of these establishments.


My number one tip would be to double check on instagram the opening hours of each place listed before. Shops, restaurants and cafes can be shut on a Tuesday or a Sunday, or during summer, or just because the owner feels like it.

My favourite area is Le Marais (3rd arrondissement) – the Jewish Quarter. The area is still open on a Sunday when lots of Paris shuts down. Rue Charlot is a great street to walk down to hit most of the shops.

  • MiznonMost delicious Israeli food head here for a tasty lunch (whole roasted cauliflower, the choux farcis is my favourite kebab) GO HERE seriously you will be hard pressed to find anything like it in the city!
  • La Drogurie 56 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 a delicious takeaway crepe hole-in-the-wall dealer. Make sure to try both savory and sweet!
  • Place des Vosges is the oldest planned square in Paris, and one of the best places to perch for a moment to rest your weary hooves.

Sacré-Cœur Basilica & Montmartre area (18th Arrondissement)

Hardware Societe 10 Rue Lamarck, 75018 Paris. My go-to spot to take anyone visiting. Try the Pain Perdu (French toast) and feel free to take your four-legged friend. Great Melbourne (padre) beans too, grab a takeaway and visit the sacre Coeur afterwards

  • Waltz to the A.P.C outlet (20 Rue André del Sarte, 75018) Sandro outlet, Ba&sh outlet and Maje outlet all nearby!

Flat white providers!

Ob-la-diA cute cafe in Le Marais area for a coffee pit stop if you’re in the area. Also serve a small menu including avo on toast.

  • Oberkampf Excellent coffee and shakshuka! Guy, the owner-extraordinaire will be sure to impress you with his warm welcoming nature and tasty banana bread.
  • Honor rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in a courtyard you will find excellent takeaway coffee! The beans for each brew are meticulously weighed to ensure every single cup is perfect. Just a short stroll from all the flagship stores and head offices – Colette, Chanel, Givenchy etc.
  • Matamata cafe in the 2nd
  • Le Pelaton a kiwi owned café a little skip from Notre Dame – they also run bike tours of Paris and the Champagne area!
  • Kitsune café 51 Galerie de Montpensier 75001 I LOVE this little spot as you can grab a takeaway and walk around the enclosed gardens! A great place for your caffeine fix prior to tackling the Louvre. Instagram worthy spot
  • Holybely in the Canal st Matin area
  • Ten Belles in the Canal st Matin area
  • Fondation
  • Strada left bank (in the 5th)
  • Coutume Café in the 7th arrondissement Rue Babylone. I would suggest you wander down the road the Le Bon Marché afterwards – it’s the oldest department store in Paris and it’s so stunning… if you could afford anything inside I salute you. I usually go to the La Grande Epicerie it’s the food shop (similar to David Jones Thomas Dux) and buy beignets (small doughnuts) from the boulangerie area. From Coutume you could also walk and check out the Les Invalides (tomb of Napoleon and war museum).

Asian food

  • SAaMis great for lunch (Korean street food)
  • Le petit cambodgeis the best Vietnamese in Paris. (hipster area similar to Fitzroy)
  • Blueberry is my favourite sushi restaurant (not cheap but great food)
  • Miss Ko – always has a good vibe and you can book online Cocktails and sushi and really fun interiors
  • Hero – cocktails and fried chicken
  • fr deliver sushi if you need sustenance while packing for your next adventure

St Germain

  • La Palette, 43 Rue de Seine, 75006. Typically French place to sit and have a few glasses of wine in the latin quarter!
  • Alcazar – Great for a big group!
  • JudyCantine Qualitarienne – such a great spot for breakfast or lunch. A short stroll from the Luxembourg gardens and the food is fresh and delicious.


Healthy fix

  • Wild & the moon (juices, raw food, salads)
  • Love Juice Bar (amazing smoothie bowls but not good for a big group as it’s a small shop)
  • Season – really nice restaurant
  • Miss Banh Mi


  • Paperboyparis – one of my favourite lunch spots!! The coffee isn’t so great but the food is super delicious! Ob-la-di is a short walk away to grab your coffee before
  • Frenchie to go
  • Rachel’s – amazing cakes and really greatlunch

Patisseries I love

  • Foude Pâtisserie If you’re a pastry chef nerd, a foodie, or just someone who wants to be sampling the best in a limited time this is the place to go. It’s a small takeaway shop offering a selection of the best cakes and pastries from the top chefs in Paris. 45 Rue Montorgueil, 75002 Paris
  • Du Pain et Des idees – traditional hand baked treats, you’ll want a photo of the exterior too.
  • Liberté– modern take on a patisserie
  • La Pâtisserie by Cyril Lignac – my favourite croissants in Paris. Cyril Lignac is a famous chef in Paris
  • Pierre Hermé for macarons!
  • Aux Merveilleux for the best brioche ever and interesting meringue cakes
  • Boneshaker (doughnuts)


If you’re going to go to the Eiffel tower Avenue du President Wilson has fresh food market on a Saturday morning. Jump off at metro iena and the grab a crepe and/or some fresh cheese and meets and walk to the Eiffel tower (about 900m) and eat it at the Champ de Mars. Just don’t buy your croissants from the market – walk up the road a little to La Pâtisserie by Cyril Lignac for your croissants 2 Rue de Chaillot, 75116 (my fave croissants).

Rue Cler is another really cute market street to go and check out for fresh produce.


A lot of Paris shuts down so head to Rue des Rosiers in le Marais, it’s the Jewish quarter so everything is open on a Sunday hoorah! Also a Sandro outlet is located here so go for your shopping life!

French restaurants

  • A Noste – 6bis Rue du 4 Septembre, 75002 Paris
  • Les Papilles – 30 Rue Gay-Lussac, 75005 Paris
  • Le Comptoir du relais – 5 Carrefour de l’Odéon, 75006 Paris go here early and get a table on the terrace
  • Robert et Louise 64 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris, more traditional
  • Monsieur Bleu and Saturne are my favourite ‘fine dining’ restaurants. At Monsieur bleu you can book online and request a table to look at the Eiffel tower, the food is always perfect. Saturne presents a six-course degustation meal – some of the best and most adventurous food I’ve eaten in Paris.
  • La Coincidence, delicious little neighbourhood restaurant – I love the food here and it’s worth the travel to get there.
  • La Bringue in the trendy 10th offers a small menu of heavenly food. Away from the tourist traps with patient and kind wait staff!
  • Frenchie – if you can get in please tell me about it! Otherwise if you want to try the relaxed lunch experience Frenchie to go is open for breakfast and lunch and serves Ruben Sandwiches, fish and chips etc.



  • Le Mary Celeste
  • Bespoke cocktail bar
  • Castor Club
  • Candelaria cocktail bar
  • Lone Palm cocktail



Favourite museums


  • Musee d’orsayMussee Rodin (sculptures)
  • Le Louvre
  • The Catacombs
  • Palais de Tokyo for Contemporary art


Favourite shops


  • Merci, an awesome concept store with interiors and clothes
  • & Other Stories in the 2nd arrondissement and in the 8th
  • Colette, in the 8th
  • Sandro, Maje, Iro, Ba&sh (everywhere)
  • Madeliene & Gustave – interiors and plants



  • There’s a big outlet area called La Vallée which has Céline, Marc Jacobs, Ba&sh, Jimmy Choo and loads more. There’s a bus or train to get there as it’s out of Paris but if you are committed to shopping and deals, deals, deals La Vallée is the place for your. You can get tax back too.



  • If for some reason you’re in need of a movie fix Beaugrenelle is a shopping mall and has a cinema that plays English movies. Just make sure you look for VO next to the session time (version original if it’s an American/English film). VS will mean it has been subbed in French.



Get your head around the arrondissements. They work like an escargot (snail) or spiral, starting with the first arrondissement housing the Louvre and spiralling in a clockwise direction. If you can get your head around the layout of the twenty different arrondissements before you arrive you’ll find navigating this gorge little city an absolute breeze! Just remember that although you are staying in the 11eme you could be in walking distance/to the 3eme and across the river from the 13eme and quite far away from the 14eme. Confused? Don’t worry it will all make sense once your shoes are pounding those rues! Amidst the jet-lag if you do find yourself temporarily lost – hey it happens to the best of us (me every day) – all the road signs indicate which arrondissement you are in underneath the name of the street.

Dora, here's your map. Study it and you won't need that bloody monkey

Dora, here’s your map. Study it and you won’t need that bloody monkey! Kapeesh?

“Thou shalt not-eth taste-th burnt-eth”

The French do not, as a general rule, produce the sort of coffee that Australians and Kiwis like to drink. It is a matter of taste. If you’re at a French bistro do be warned that the French drink their café noir (black). To ask for milk use the following phrase, “du lait, s’il vous plaît”, although I would suggest asking for one of the options below.

For an espresso with hot milk – “Un café au lait”, “un café crème” or “un crème”.

For an espresso with foamed milk – “Un cappuccino”.

For an espresso with a dash of milk or a spoonful of foam, smaller sized like a macchiato -“Un café noisette” or “une noisette”.


Co workshop 29 Rue des Vinaigriers


I stumbled across this patisserie with my friend Sally and have been back many times since! A new contemporary patisserie with incredible cakes and pastry! An almond and chocolat croissant and an espresso is a legitimate breakfast in Paris.


I shall keep editing and updating this list. If you are left with a burning question please be my guest and send an email to

Enjoy x

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